Resting is a thing...

And you can get good at it.

Meet yourself anew, and move forward on your own clear terms. 

"The world needs the fully alive, well-rested you, not the exhausted you. Imagine a world where women make rest and rhythm a priority and operate more from their full power." ∼ Karen Brody

Nidra of the month

Every month, a new collection of Yoga Nidra recordings for you to rest, wherever whenever. Yoga Nidra is a Nap meditation to rest, release and cultivate clarity. 

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Find my workshops online and in person, as well as my weekly teaching schedule in Kelowna, BC.  

1:1 coaching

Personalized attention and support. Your life is as unique as you are. Get ready to uproot your blocks and tune in to your well-rested woman.  



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I'm having fun with this new (to me) medium.