C'est un cas de cordonnier mal chaussé typique! La traduction française de cette page sera prête sous peu. Merci de votre compréhension. 

Translation from English to French since 2003.

I strive for awareness and understanding. 

My clients are passionate about their message and how it can benefit people and community at large. I collaborate on projects with writers and bloggers, publishers, conscious freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses, and Canadian NPOs.

My translations from English to French read like an original, with a distinctly human voice. This quality of text keeps the reader engaged, and makes the content readily accessible. It also requires more time to get “just right.”

My areas of interest and expertise are far reaching and always growing. I’m particularly well-versed in responsible shopping and sustainability, education and languages, social equity and diversity, wellness and nutrition, self-awareness and spirituality, yoga and meditation, stress management and trauma, arts and creativity.

I am currently open to partnerships with publishers for a variety of books that I believe really need to be made available to the French market. 


My credentials in 10 seconds

I’m glad you ask, one does not simply become translator overnight. 

I hold a B.A. Honours in Translation and French Literature from McGill University, and a Masters in Translation Studies. I was mentored (and corrected) by highly experienced translators and editors for years in a variety of fields before launching into my own freelancing career and lecturing on translation at York University in Toronto.  


More background

I was born to a French Canadian mother and American father, and spoke both languages at home from birth. Although the entirety of my schooling was in French, I soon took great interest in novels in both languages. As a teenager, I discovered I could fool anyone into thinking I was either native French or native English speaker, without a trace of accent. I was regularly called upon by adults to act as a translator on phone calls, in conferences and in discussion forums. 

In University, I early on proved that I could translate into both English and French and was hired by a research group on gambling and addiction to translate and edit their website and research documentation. The rest, as we say, is history. 

From 2008 to 2011, I also taught French as a second language at the Canada School of Public Service and lectured on translation at York University in Toronto. 

Among previous employers and clients of mine are Canadian governmental agencies and departments, diverse corporate entities, travel agencies, municipal administrations, immigration law firms, NPOs fostering cultural awareness and health.