Restorative Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion

Rest is a vessel for integration. It breaks the momentum of our busy lives and allows us to recover, feel, know, and take action from a place of deep insight. Yoga offers many tools for us to remember our innate capacity to relax, rest, and integrate. 

What is Restorative Yoga? 

Restorative Yoga is a powerful embodied meditation experience that can benefit just about everyone, from busy moms to athletes, from caregivers to the chronically ill, and it requires no prior yoga experience. It is known to reduce the effects of insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety, while supporting healing, immunity, and digestive and reproductive health. It invites us to slow down, embrace silence, and listen. 

Why a dedicated Teacher Training & Immersion?

This deeply restful and interactive 16-hour Weekend Immersion program aims to prepare current and becoming yoga teachers to share Restorative Yoga practices, whether in full restorative classes or as part of other style classes. This Immersion is also a great opportunity for any practitioner to deepen their personal restorative practice.

Whether you want to teach Restorative Yoga or you want to include a je-ne-sais-quoi in your yoga classes that keep practitioners coming, this training aims to answer all your questions about this specialized practice so you can share it confidently and experience its life-changing effects for yourself. 

In this experiential weekend training, we will discuss the fundamental tenets of restorative yoga and basic functions of the nervous system, while exploring postures and modifications, pranayama and meditations to facilitate rest, recovery and integration. 

This Weekend Immersion qualifies for 16 hours of continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance (YACEP), but does not replace the 200-hour basic teacher training.

What is unique about Myriam’s offering?

Myriam has been practicing yoga since 2003… and her dominant type-A personality avoided Restorative Yoga at all costs. It wasn’t until she met her teacher, Dr. John Rettger, in 2011 that she finally experienced the true power of rest and surrender. Because it didn’t come easy, she has a knack for guiding the body, mind and spirit into a state of deep rest. Myriam’s teachings are steeped in Ojas, the ayurvedic subtle dosha of juiciness, core vitality, love. It’s the sap of your aliveness. You can think of it as the oil in your lamp. Ojasic Restorative Yoga is like a big hug that restores your senses and presence.

Oh, and then there are hot stones too…

Suggested reading: Relax and Renew by Judith Hanson Lasater