Yoga Nidra is a form of restful meditation that is practiced lying down. It allows us to reach deep sleep states to connect back to Self and recharge our entire being. Some say that a 15-minute practice feels like one hour of sleep. 

Every month, I make new recordings available on a sliding scale.

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November :: Powerful Digestion

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On a sliding scale for the month of November only. 

You’re not alone, believe me. Many of us experience regular digestion upset and malaise. There are many factors at play, and stress is a major player.  

I created these Nidra Nap Meditations to strengthen our digestive fire, gradually release the discomfort, and balance the nervous system activity so it remembers how to REST and DIGEST. 

These supportive and clearing meditations are practiced lying down whenever wherever. This package is offered on a sliding scale for the month of November and includes 3 tracks:

1) Introduction to Yoga Nidra Rest and Digest

2) Nidra Nap to Rest and Boost Digestion - Short

3) Nidra Nap to Rest and Boost Digestion - Long

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Jai Ma.

Photo by Arnau Soler.