What is restorative yoga?

The practice of YOGA aims to encourage self-knowledge in body, mind, and soul. As we relax and start to listen to our inner wisdom, we slowly become free of the obstacles in our life. 

RESTORATIVE YOGA is a somatic meditation experience, a meditation on the body. It is affectionately called “the adult nap,” because of its super battery-charging effects, as well as its calming results. 

It is somewhat of a paradox. On the one hand, it is a favourite for absolute beginners as well as anyone seeking healing, rest, calm, renewal. On the other hand, it is considered an “advanced” practice in part due to its meditative and introspective nature. 

In a Restorative Yoga class, poses are held in a relaxed manner for long periods of time during which practitioners are guided into meditative states. The result is a renewed and balanced self, in body, mind, and soul. Practitioners report better sleep, elimination or alleviation of headaches and pains, deeper self-understanding, a calmer mind, better digestion. 

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