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ONLINE :: Write Your 2019 Manifesto

Pre-register HERE.

Life is too short to settle for resolutions. This is your invitation to see the bigger picture and set meaningful intentions that stick and manifest.

Meaningful intentions are not created, they are remembered. Like seeds, they are lovingly watered and attended. They grow into manifestation when we believe in them. A yearly manifesto is a written or visual statement declaring your intentions, motives and views for the year. It powerfully guides decisions, from the smallest unnoticed ones to the big life Ys. Insert sigh of relief here.  

Together, we will write your intentions into a manifesto and make them come true for your glorious year of 2019. This will involve some meditation and rest, a dive (or several) into your blocks, a great deal of honesty with yourself, a pep talk or two, stories (you know me!), and sprinkles of laughter. You will learn techniques to use anytime to reset your compass and tap into your inner genius. 

The ONLINE format means that you can work through the materials and exercices at your own pace, and you can re-visit them as often as you like. 

Brave soul, you!

Pre-registration is now open! You will receive all materials on December 26. 

As an early registrant (and supporter!), you will be receiving some sneak peaks and surprises to get your juices flowing while I finish creating this workshop. (Omg, this is so exciting!)

USA peeps - note that CA$ 54 is about US$40 only.

The logistics

All materials will be made available at once, on December 26. You will be able to work through them in one afternoon, or over weeks if you prefer. 

Materials are shaping up to be a mix of videos, recordings, and worksheets. (This is still a work-in-progress, dear loves.)

I plan on being available for questions and coaching. I don’t yet know how this will take place. What would you like it to be?