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The Sweetness of Slow and Steady: A Restorative Journey

  • Tandava Yoga Studio (map)

Through gentle and restorative yoga practices and mindset exploration, we can slowly unravel binding tensions that cause anxiety, worry, and overwhelm. Together, we will find ways to support our energy and our commitment to self-care and wellbeing for the long term.  

This 4-week series aims to support anyone struggling with overthinking and spreading oneself thin. It will be an opportunity to calm the nervous system and learn how to return to and maintain this state of calm on a daily basis. We will rest deeply, explore sabotaging patterns and habits, find new constructive ways of interacting with the world and with oneself. 

Each week will focus on an aspect of grounding, resting, reframing, while uncovering the body’s innate wisdom. We will explore beliefs and myths, self-acceptance, and saying no. Beyond the techniques of gentle and restorative yoga, pranayama and relaxation we will learn, we will also discuss simple strategies to start or continue this progress toward slowing down. This is not an overnight makeover, it is a slow and steady approach that allows us to untangle from within.  

Each week, expect discussion and reflection, as well as a full gentle yoga practice. You will be invited to experiment with different practices each week. Bring your journal, wear layers. All levels welcome.  

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