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The Four Hands of Lakshmi, aka the Four Desires

  • Tandava Yoga Studio (map)

What should I do now? What do I want? What’s the priority right now? 

Many of us struggle with making decisions, with aiming steady towards our goals, with prioritizing our long-term dreams over our short-term pleasures. In her four hands, Lakshmi holds the keys to fulfilment and rightful action. 

According to the scriptures, we are all born with a potential, a dharma. Some of us identify it early on and follow a clear path, while many of us are left wondering which direction to take, or even what to have for dinner tonight. This workshop aims to give you a different perspective on decision-making and goal-setting, whether it relates to big steps in life or to the small things. 

Together, we will look at the four innate human desires or cravings as they pertain to abundance, freedom, purpose, and pleasure. We’ll see how our desires don’t have to compete against each other and how we can put them all in service of our deeper longing, our unique potential, to live a truly fulfilling and wholesome life. All desires can be pursued mindfully, in accord with our spiritual life and values. 

You will leave this workshop with a clear vision of the next steps and a new strategy to make decisions. 

Expect guided relaxation and meditation, discussion and reflection. Bring your journal. You will receive a handout for further exploration and personal introspection. 

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