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Bagalamukhi: Wise Goddess of Silence

Reservations at Tandava Yoga Studio

With one hand, she holds the demon’s tongue; with the other, she strikes him silent with a club. Bagalamukhi is fierce and commands respect for truth and silence. As she resides in the blissful silence before (and after) the storm, she teaches us to conserve our energy for the opportune moment for maximum impact. She knows how and when to end negative self-talk, gossip, confusion, and falsity. Now, more than ever, we need her wisdom to cut through the darkness and misunderstandings. 

In this sixth workshop of a series of ten on each of the Wisdom Goddesses, we meet Bagalamukhi and experience her divine silence and the radiant beauty of truthfulness. We will develop dharana, one-pointed concentration, and cultivate remembrance of our true Self. We will explore practices to focus and store our personal energy to put to good use. In this 3-hour workshop expect discussion and stories, gentle movement to support pranayama and meditation. Bring pen and journal, wear layers. All levels welcome. 


The Wisdom Goddesses, known as the MahaVidyas, each hold the key to a particular approach to freedom and Self-realization. Kali, the first of the MahaVidyas, is the fierce and unyielding power that helps us destroy what is holding us back. Tara, the second, carries us compassionately from the old to the new in the incessant renewal of life and learning. Lalita Tripura Sundari, the third, is the power of attraction and polarity that reveals beauty and gives meaning to our life. Bhuvaneshvari, the fourth, holds all of existence. Bhairavi, the fifth, urges us to see the war within for what it really is and to embrace the discomfort of change. Bagala commands respect for silence and truth, and graces us with the ability to focus our energy for maximum impact.  

This series of ten workshops is designed as an exploration into the representations, stories, and practices related to the MahaVidyas. You can take part in any of the workshops. Note that registration to 4 Wisdom Goddess workshops will give you a 5th of free. If this is your fifth, call the front desk to register at 778-484-2255.