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Well-rested and moving forward. imagine that. 

You too can find the calm and clarity to know what you really want and make it happen powerfully, in harmony with your wellbeing. 


Periods of indecision and overwhelm are full of potential. With support, the process of resting back into oneself can open the doors to the life that awaits. 

For good. 

Anywhere in the world

Forward-focused online coaching in the comfort of your home. 


This ain't your typical cookie-cutter program. I continuously adapt to your needs and your pace. 


Ultimately, with the tools I give you, you’ll be able to coach yourself.

Stop rowing against the current and find your flow.

What past and current coaching clients are saying:

For months, I had questions, thoughts, and ideas that I wanted to bring forth in my life, but I felt stuck. During our discovery session, I found new clarity and decided to choose myself and my life. Our work together has been so constructive! I’ve been able to frame my questions differently and explore new possibilities that have completely transformed how I show up in my life. Thank you for these precious conversations. This coaching is a great gift in my life.
— Katherine, Québec, Canada
Myriam, Thank you so much for everything! I can’t even express how magical of a journey we’ve taken together and how much your kindness and gentle way of urging me forward into my personal bliss have helped to support my growth and dreams.
— Jennelle, Karmyc Bazaar, BC, Canada
With your help, I have torn down habits and perceptions that held me back for decades. You’ve helped me turn floundering into thriving, and procrastination into productivity. I am now earning my living doing what I love, and I have clear goals for the future. I am happier, more productive, and I feel more fulfilled in my life. Thank you, Myriam.
— Heather, photographer and yoga teacher, BC, Canada
Speaking with you has brought to light many interesting and unexpected insights on my behavior patterns and underlying thought patterns. You ask thoughtful and thought-provoking questions that have helped me to realize the ways in which I have held myself back from being as awesome as I know I am! You are also gifted in sharing from your own life experiences so that I feel comfortable being completely honest (and a little bit vulnerable) with you. Thank you!
— Eileen, yoga teacher and graduate student, California, US
Myriam has a natural ability to create a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate connection with her clients. This foundational stepping stone of establishing trust gives way to open and honest communication and guidance in the coaching relationship. Myriam has skillfully helped me recognize unhelpful perceptions of challenging situations and identify deeply seeded behavior patterns that were sabotaging my life goals. Her light has brought such light and integrity into my life. It hasn’t been easy to walk through some of the realizations of my patterns, but once they are brought into awareness those patterns begin to lose their power, their persuasion. As a wise person once said, “When we know better, we choose better.” With Myriam’s help, my choices are more often made with kind awareness and the empowerment that comes with holding those things dearest to my heart in integrity and priority. Thank you, Myriam!
— Elizabeth, Virginia, USA
Coaching with Myriam is powerful and efficient. She has the questions to lead us to our own answers. She encourages deep reflection without pushing or judgment. I know that she truly cares and that she is interested in what I have to say. What I love the most about her is that she doesn’t simply tell me what I want to hear, she forces me to move forward. She is calm, mature, generous, and she makes me feel really comfortable.
— Anick, mother and physician, BC, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Why three months? 

The three-month program allows us to be thorough and accountable at every step of the way. 

Where do we meet? 

We can meet from anywhere. All coaching is done over Skype, VSee, FaceTime, or phone. This way, you can cosy up with your favourite tea and furry companion.