Bhuvaneshvari: Wisdom Goddess of the Cosmos

Bhuvana means “of worlds” or cosmos. (In one reference, I found that Bhu also means planet Earth.)

Ishvari means mistress, lady, queen. 

In other words, she is Mother Nature personified.  

Of all ten MahaVidyas (Great Wisdom Goddesses), Bhuvaneshvari is the most closely tied to the element of Space. When you think of Space, you may see grand valleys or open skies as seen from the top of mountains. She is bigger than big, she holds it all and beyond. Yet, you can also find her in the infinitely small. 

If Lalita is the force that brings elements together, through polarity or attraction, Bhuvaneshvari is the container of it all. 

Knowing that she contains All has given me much needed respite when faced with unbearable sadness and fear. She contains that too. And she can help us as we hold space for these feelings and we thread to process them all.  

It is said that she is the color of sunrise, with specks of gold and red. Her symmetrical representation (many MahaVidyas are represented with asymmetry) is associated to harmony and balance. Like a blanket, she wraps herself around us to bring comfort and solace. In times of distress or sadness, especially when confronted to events beyond our control, she holds us and reminds us that we are not alone. 

In essence, she is the energy of spaciousness. What is Space, if not peace, rest, repose, or perfect equanimity? She can dissolve pockets of density and contraction inside our consciousness. Through the influence of Bhuvaneshvari, we can create an atmosphere or space of acceptance that allows insight and transformation. 

Here is Her bidding for you: how can you hold space for those around you to process their feelings and needs without imposing your own judgements or needs on them? This comes easily for those graced with the power of Bhuvaneshvari. For many of us however, it is difficult to allow others the time and space to feel and reflect without imposing our own agenda, opinions, or insecurities. Observe yourself: can you give others enough space to process their own? And likewise: can you give yourself enough space to process your own, without adopting a limiting mindset?